Case Study: GoFundEducation


“We have this great idea to make a crowdfunding site
for education-related campaigns, but we need design and development
to make our dream come to life.”

The Challenge

This was a freelance project in which I  was tasked with designing and coding a full site that was compatible with a proprietary crowdfunding CMS that I had never worked with. 

Designed with the user in mind

Web 1920 – 2

With competitive research and target audience in mind, I designed a home page in Sketch that matched the style they were looking for and kept the site feeling young and exciting.

Developed using Angular, SASS, and HTML5

The coding process was difficult at first, as the crowdfunding CMS required you to edit their source code for customizations. The source code was written in Angular, but luckily I’ve been a huge fan of angular for years so it became the first change I got to work with it in client work. The resulting site is shown below. ​